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"When clowns swarm, go for the juggler." ~ Mac Siccar

“As an architectural marvel, Bethlem appeared in at least thirty-six tourist guides in 1681.”
― Catharine Arnold, Bedlam: London and Its Mad

In the infamous Bedlam (Bethlem) lunatic asylum in England in the 18th Century the gentry would roam the halls observing the miserable occupants for entertainment. 

We can do the same today, simply by observing the news. Two wit:

Do you know creepy Joe? Thumb-sucking paedophile, 60, who identifies as a five-year-old girl comes to court dressed as an ELF as she admits breaching sexual harm order by approaching and kissing two girls.

Nuts. A professor who teaches "liberal studies" at California State Polytechnic University has written an academic paper that claims that the eastern fox squirrels are victims of "gendered, racialized, and speciesist" media bias.

Don't forget your mask. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has separate guidelines for the vaccinated and unvaccinated in the COVID era for shelter-in-place warnings.

You want fries with that? College Student Writes a Paper About the Racism of Creamer Colonizing Coffee, His Teacher Loves It.

Just leave your shoes on. Arrest Warrants Count As ID For Illegal Migrants At Airport Security, TSA Says.

Moan back. Pelosi’s Top Pick For Chairwoman of the Transportation Committee Repeatedly Crashes Her Car Into Parked Vehicle, Walks Away.

Did he get the cookies and milk? Intruder Enters House Through Chimney, Gets Stuck and Has to Be Cut Out by Two Dozen Firefighters.

She could work in Washington. Reality TV Star Selling Farts In Jars Gets Hospitalized For Producing Too Much Gas.

My lips are sealed. No one talks about how hard the journey to getting pregnant can be for same-sex couples.

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