You need to follow the mysterious Z Man

Nobody knows who The Z Man is, but it doesn't matter: He's one of the most interesting writers on the Internet. "The Z Man lives close to Washington and knows all too well the insider nature of the power elite that rule over us," one observer writes and I'd agree.

He's a regular at Taki's Magazine, which has the name "Christopher Zeeman" in the url of the list of his articles. You can also find his writing here. He probably stays anonymous because he gets attacked regularly.

Here are a few of his columns with a pertinent excerpt.

The Weapon Of Language. This is the modern age. You see it in the language. The public space is full of people juggling neologisms that have a nice ring to them as a replacement for old words or labels. They sound better and the best people always love hearing new ways of saying old things. It makes them feel smart and sophisticated. The intellectual in a liberal democracy is primarily concerned with appearing to be unconventional and heterodox, so the new words and phrases quickly become popular.

Myths & Mysteries. There is no attempt to create a logic that connects the dots or explains the logic. They just believe. That is what lies behind the critical race theory business. Read through it and you see there is no plan of action or set of standards to be met. There is no list of things that need to be done or not done. It is a blend of graduate school jargon and feminized encounter sessions. If everyone sits in the room and hears the gibberish from the lecturer, somehow the fog of racism will lift. Or maybe it will never lift, and the struggle will continue forever. No one knows or thinks about it.

When Fools Rule. People are most certain about the things they understand the least. Working backward from this understanding, we can begin to understand why the American ruling class is going insane. The defining feature of this age is that the people in charge are certain about things that are imaginary. The government, for example, has denied Christians a permit to assemble for the National Day of Prayer, because they fear invisible White Nationalists will launch a revolution. They think this because they are sure the January protest at the Capitol was part of a plot to overthrow the government. The nation saw mostly flag-waving boomers taking selfies and laughing with the cops. 

Carny World. Over the last forty years, American politics has been taken over by actors, performers, producers, storytellers and so on. It is just a show. If you want to be in politics, it means being a show man. You have to have an act, something you do that sets you apart from the other acts on the stage. Ocasio-Cortez is a national figure because she came up with an act that appeals to the women of her generation. She is as dumb as a hamster and has no useful skills, but she may be President one day.

Blessed Are The Covidians. Covid quickly went from genuine public health concern to lucrative racket. Billions are being made maintaining the panic. It turns out that reorganizing the economy around lock downs is hard to reverse. Then you have the celebrity Covidians. Guys like Dr. Fauci are never going to let go of this thing as it is making him famous and rich. Of course, Covid is now a stock part of the media, like the weather or the previous night’s sports scores. Then you have the Covidian problem. The fervent, but mentally unstable, have gravitated to the Covid panic as a new religion. The people who used to carry their groceries in grimy canvas sacks in order to show their love of Gaia are now wearing eight masks when alone in their car. 

The Narcotic Of Unreality. There is no getting around the fact that our present is unimaginably weird, relative to our standards of just a generation ago. People like to laugh at what people a century ago imagined was the future, but those past predictions were based on the assumption that crazy people would not take over the country. They feared that left-wing radicals would win and impose communism. That was a legitimate fear, but mentally disturbed men in dresses was not a concern. Why would anyone think such a thing?

See what I mean. I'm thinking of sending him money. Does anyone know what bitcoin is?

"We live in an age in which it is no longer possible to be funny. There is nothing you can imagine, no matter how ludicrous, that will not promptly be enacted before your very eyes, probably by someone well known."
~ Malcolm Muggeridge

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