We're voting with our feet

Not long ago a relative of mine moved out of the District of Columbia to the Virignia suburbs, and just in time: shootings and carjackings have taken over their once peaceful neighborhood. Of course in Virginia they encountered the mad leftism of Loudon County. They recently moved to the Midwest.

They aren't alone.

Fewer people want to live in Washington DC, James Freeman reports. It is a striking change after a long period of robust population growth coinciding with massive expansion of the federal government. The Census Bureau reports: Over the past year, the District of Columbia’s population declined by 2.9%. This was the largest annual percent decrease in the nation. Similary, the population growth in Loudon County has been slowing, and it may well accelerate now.

This is going on across the country. Forbes reports:
The top five states seeing a mass exodus are all Democrat-controlled. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Illinois lost a combined 4 million residents between 2010 and 2019.  Conversely, a recent study by U-Haul reported that the top five states to see the greatest influx of new residents include the Republican-led states of Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio and Arizona.

We're also leaving cities.
When urban centers across the country were besieged by rampant crime—including riots and civil unrest last year—many residents took that as their cue to flee as the Covid-driven work-from-home phenomenon became the new normal. For many urbanites, looking for a permanent way out meant migrating to the suburbs and even to rural communities.

I'm sure The Left will come up with something.

"We live in an age in which it is no longer possible to be funny. There is nothing you can imagine, no matter how ludicrous, that will not promptly be enacted before your very eyes, probably by someone well known."
~ Malcolm Muggeridge

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