I've left Twitter. You should, too.

You won't miss it. It's damaged goods. What good is a source of information on which you can't trust the information? Okay, you can also say that about The New York Times and CNN, but still. 

The fun people have already left: Rush Limbaugh, Dan Bongino, Mark Levine. And the columnist Roger Simon, who writes:
What is surprising is that so many of us are still on Twitter, addicted as any homeless crackhead in Santa Monica while fattening the coffers of a maniacal “progressive” billionaire by living as inadvertent vassals on his online totalitarian estate.

I wanted to get out years ago but hung on, even through the extraordinary blocking of the New York Post’s reporting on Tony Bobulinski’s testimony regarding the China-centric business dealings of Hunter Biden and the “big guy,” an act of hyperpartisanhip worthy of Goebbels or Beria.

That may have been the proverbial straw on the back of the proverbial camel for me.
I got out shortly thereafter and intend to stay out.

I urge everyone else to follow me, not because I’m anything special—as I noted it took me years to make the break—but because it’s by far the best thing to do.

Leaving, taking your business elsewhere, is the only way to destroy the pernicious influence of Twitter and the other tech giants. I’ve said it before, but this time I’ve done it myself. (Finally.)

Before I left I saw too many people complaining of being censored, suspended, or losing followers. What do you expect from a leftist echo chamber? Get out!

Let's try some math. The United States has 253,768,092 adults. Twenty-two percent of them use Twitter; that's 55.8 million. Some 75 million peope voted for Donald Trump. Twenty-two percent of them would be 16.5 million. So that would be a drop of 30 percent in Twitter users in the United States. It doesn't matter if the math is screwy: We're talking big numbers here.

When Twitter banned Trump in January, hundreds of thousands of users abandoned it for other platforms. As a result, Twitter’s stock dropped by 12 percent and the company, at its lowest evaluation, suffered a $5 billion loss. These people discovered that there are plenty of alternatives.

So you can still have fun with Twitter.

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