Has anyone actually seen John Durham?

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  • 12/21/2020
durhamHe's the U.S. Attorney in Connecticut supposedly investigating the coup against President Trump. He got that assignment in May 2019. Since then, all we know about him is that he posed for the rather stern photo on the right. Perhaps that's meant to reassure us. You saw how quickly Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani put together their election fraud cases. Trump has noticed the difference with Durham: “[He had had] plenty of time to do it. They’ve been looking at it for two years. The facts are on the table.” Durham is simply copying U.S. Attorney John Huber out in Utah. Remember when Rod Rosenthal, the deputy attorney general who wanted to wear a wire into the Oval Office to entrap Trump, snookered the hapless AG Jeff Sessions into appointing Huber to investigate corruption in the DOJ and FBI? Nobody ever saw Huber either.

It concerns me that we haven’t heard a darn thing,’ Rep. Jim Jordan said . ‘It’s like Where’s Waldo?” “Where’s Huber?”’

This is exceedingly strange, because there should be something to show for 18 months of work, legal analysts say.

‘There should be some proof of life,’ said Andrew Leipold, a law professor at the University of Illinois who worked with special counsel Kenneth W. Starr on the Whitewater investigation.

‘We should see people going in and out of his building, people interviewed leaking to the press, or a target calling a press conference,’ he added. ‘The fact that none of that has happened is puzzling.’'

And so it goes. Proof of life? Where's Durham? Huber? Waldo? The corruption is so vast everyone and everything is sucked into and subsumed by it.

~ Coquelicot

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