Chris Wray and his deep state pals

Word is that the FBI is now investigating some Trump supporters in Texas who surrounded Joe Biden’s bus with their pickup trucks. In the image from CNN you can see that a white Biden campaign car caused the incident by leaving its lane ad ramming a Trump truck.


Still, our intrepid FBI is on the case! We can thank FBI Director Christopher Wray. He’s freed up the FBI to investigate this threat to national security by prohibiting the FBI from doing anything else, such conducting as a timely investigation of Hunter Biden.

Wray is the consummate Deep Stater. He says: “I’ve never completely understood the term ‘deep state.'”

Oh Chris. Really?

wray comey
Mueller, Comey, Wray

He also doesn’t believe that anyone spied on the Trump campaign. When Attorney General William Barr recently agreed there had been “spying” on the Trump campaign, Christopher Wray told senators “that’s not the term I would use.”

Remember that Wray worked under James Comey in his first important job as assistant attorney general in charge of the criminal division (2003-2005). Of course Comey has defended his friend.

Wray is more dangerous than James Comey: Wray is a smooth talker, when he talks at all. Comey is a bumbling fool.

Laptop from Hell. Wray has had the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop for a year now, and he’s done nothing with it. One indication that he’s doing nothing is that he didn’t bother to interview Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s business partner, until Bobulinski went public.

Moreover, investigative journalist Peter Schweizer reported all this in a book released in January 2020. So Wray and his FBI had the goods on Biden a year ago, and they did nothing.

Wray’s political leanings are reflected in his thoughts about violence in our streets. “Within the racially motivated violent extremist bucket, people subscribing to some kind of white supremacist ideology is certainly the biggest chunk,” Wray said in his testimony to Congress. Who does that sound like?

Anti-Trump Nest of Vipers. You have to undertand Wray’s background. He came out of the Atlanta law firm King & Spalding LLP, from which he hired Jason Jones as the FBI’s general counsel.

Guess who else is in that firm? Well, there’s Rod Rosenstein, the former deputy attorney general who initiated and oversaw the special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller. Fellow former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, an anti-Trumper,  is also a partner at the firm, as is FBI Director Christopher Wray’s former chief of staff Zack Harmon. Former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, who thought Russia had somethng on Trump, serves as a senior policy adviser to the firm.

Character References. Here’s what people think about Chris.

For former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino: “Christopher Wray is one of the most powerful law enforcement officials in the cosmos. He had the ability yesterday to re-establish faith in the FBI and come out and say listen, a very simple answer.” Instead he chose to play “the Comey euphemisms game.”

Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the House Judiciary Committee’s ranking Republican, and Mike Johnson, ranking member on the panel’s civil liberties subcommittee, sent a stinging letter Wray, suggesting he has failed to lead his agency past the abuses uncovered in the Russia scandal and demanding new access to witnesses and documents.

Former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova: “I have never in my life been so disappointed in a federal agency [the FBI] but even beyond that Wray is so bad and is so incompetent that I don’t know how he leads that organization with any degree of integrity.”

Rep. Devin Nunes, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee: “Who the hell’s over at the FBI that keeps covering this information up? It’s derogatory, I get it, it’s not good for the FBI. But I want to know who at the FBI keeps covering this up.”

Chris is dirty.

~ Pogonip



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