How to steal an election – II

U.S. Election Fraud is Real—And It Is Being Ignored ~ The National Interest

Here’s what’s going on out there. (See a previous list here.)

votePennsylvania sees massive delays in mail delivery amid influx of mail-in voting

Trump must win Pa. by 4 or 5 points to overcome voter fraud, says pollster who got it right in 2016

Thousands of Ballots in Pennsylvania May Be Missing: Officials

Florida election officials uncover attempt to register dead voters as Democrats

New Yorkers’ plan to illegally vote by shaving heads foiled

Rolling the Dice on Chaos, Supreme Court Ducks Election-Law Cases

Bar-code error in Texas county causes more than 22,000 mail-in ballots to be rejected

Butler County Elections Director Says Postal Service Lost Unknown Number Of Mail-In Ballots

8 States in Voting Lawsuits With Election Day Less Than a Week Away

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