Crazy Years: Hug a cow, hire a thief

“Researchers at large hadron collider are confident to make contact with parallel universe in days.” ~ Science World

You knew it, right? More evidence:

cowPeople are now hugging cows to get through Covid-19

Don’t sanitize or microwave your mail-in ballot, voting officials warn

Austin Hires Thief For Library, Shocked He Keeps Stealing

Soccer mom turns to Satanism because of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death

Seattle pays ex-pimp $150,000 to offer ‘alternatives to policing’

German soccer team practices social distancing during game, loses 37-0

Massachusetts women’s college describes itself as “a women’s college that is gender diverse”

Looting a powerful tool to bring about real, lasting change in society, California D.A. says

And here is this week’s abandone insane asylum: The infamous Pennhurst State School & Hospital for the ‘Feeble Minded’ – closed after a century of abuses, inhumane conditions and patient neglect.insane

~ Cleombrotos

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