Crazy Years: The knees have it

With everyone in America on their knees signaling their virtue, the algorithms that determine the ads you see on web pages have been having a field day.

For instance:

Sore Knees? Do This Once Daily…


I’d give you the link, but you don’t really want to know, do you?

Meanwhile in Washington …

Meanwhile …

Meanwhile in Houston:

Houston police chief decries ‘knee jerk reactions’

As a public service, I’ll provide a definition of knee jerk:

Patellar reflex physiology: an outward reflex kick of the lower leg caused by a sharp tap on the quadriceps tendon just below the patella

Did you know you have a patella? And then there’s this:


Have we exhausted this topic? No. There’s this:

Jerry Nadler didn’t join Nancy in kneeling for “health reasons.” Sure, Jerry. The real reason: He was too busy wrestling his mask to the ground.

Jerry, is that woman behind you laughing?

~ Yarra Banker

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