Is the noose tightening on the spygate plotters?

Certainly there has been an uptick in news about the attempted coup d’etat.

First, attorney general William Barr made a strong pronouncement, perhaps to prepare the battlefield.

Barr says evidence from Durham investigation is ‘far more troubling’ than mistakes or sloppiness

“My own view is that the evidence shows that we’re not dealing with just mistakes or sloppiness. There is something far more troubling here, and we’re going to get to the bottom of it. And if people broke the law, and we can establish that with the evidence, they will be prosecuted.”

U.S. Attorney John Durham, appointed by Barr to lead the investigation, has been busy.

Durham Has Subpoenaed, Questioned Witnesses Before a D.C. Grand Jury

Durham has been subpoenaing witnesses and that several have already appeared before the grand jury. (It was reported recently that Durham had driven down to Washington, D.C. in March because the investigation was ongoing, but there had been no reference to what specifically was the reason for his trip.) Journalist John Solomon said, “I’ve seen some evidence of the grand jury work [Durham’s] in the last four, five, six weeks.”

Obama’s CIA director, John Bennan, is apparently the focus.

John Brennan Is Main Focus of Durham Investigation – Intel Officers Have Already Testified
brennan durhamFormer US Attorney Joe diGenova:  “One of the more interesting revelations is what I have confirmed with my sources, is that John Brennan is in fact the focus, the main focus of the investigation.  And, a number of former intelligence officers have been interviewed and apparently testified about a series of questions involving the production of the famous assessment done after the election which of course was a phony assessment.”

Finally, irony of ironies, we’re learning that the whole spygate operation was a Russian disinformation campaign.

FBI’s ‘central evidence’ To Spy On Trump Campaign Was Russian Disinformation, Declassified IG Footnotes Reveal

putinPartially declassified footnotes from Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s FBI report reveal that the most ‘central and essential’ evidence to justify surveillance of short term Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page was based on Russian disinformation, according to newly declassified footnotes.

Oh, Vladimir, you devil, you.

~ Pelion

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