Great moments in rhetoric

“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”  ~ Søren Kierkegaard


What we’re hearing:

“We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow and when she gives birth, we steal her baby. Even though her cries of anguish are unmistakable. And then we take her milk that’s intended for her calf and we put it in our coffee and our cereal.” ~ Actor Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscars

“You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier.” Joe Biden to student in New Hampshire

“I’m very aware that racism and oppression in this country have left a long legacy. And it creates the kind of toxicity where people — power structures, people take advantage of other people.” ~ Elizabeth Warren after six “women of color” quit her campaign

“It’s not a sizzling, glamorous issue, but the shape of our democracy is the issue that affects every other issue.” Pete Buttigieg on the campaign trail

“CNN has people on the payroll who they pay to tell their lies to the CNN audience, in the middle of a CNN hour for some number of minutes, so Trump knows if you watch CNN, at least you’ll hear someone lying in his favor. That’s one of the reasons why he attacks CNN.” ~ MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell

“I have, unfortunately, responsibilities to save our country from peril this weekend.” ~ Nancy Pelosi on why she will miss a 49ers playoff game

“You know, this idea and this metaphor of a bootstrap started off as a joke because it’s a physical impossibility to lift yourself up by a bootstrap, by your shoelaces? It’s physically impossible. The whole thing is a joke.” ~ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

~ Splanchnic

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